Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Butterflies in My Brain

Dear, dear, how queer everything is today!
And yesterday things went on just as usual.

-Alice in Wonderland

People pop pills, I pop olives. Minus the martinis.

Not that I need cheering up. I’m currently situated somewhere very close to the nadir of despair.

That’s because I’ve put the finishing touches to my land of make believe. It’s a wonderful place to be really.

Built to order. Custom made. Like handmade shoes. Hence, deviously divine.


In Linda Goodman’s words- A wild place where two lilies and seven white roses grow among the iris.

With background scores that engender a great deal of deliberation.

For instance, Harry Nilsson’s Puppy Song made me compile a very comprehensive list of potential pets.

I want a black cat with blue eyes that I’ll call Moscow and a white cat with green eyes called Tuscany. A fish called Melrose. A parrot called Haddock. A doormouse named Shiraz. A dog called Perrier. A tortoise called Speedy, a rabbit called Winnipeg, a horse called Abercrombie, a monkey named Duke, a chimp called Rhett. And just maybe a tiger called Euripides.

There’s a bone deep certainty that they’ll all be even tempered, gentle and charitable paragons of virtue.

I’d of course have to become hugely rich to support such a syndicate and still have a few stray millions left over for me.

And just in case anyone’s planning to sue me for intended irreverence towards animals---This is a make believe world, where humanoids can peacefully co-exist with animals without a full scale power struggle.

But my pining for a parallel universe hasn’t blinded me to my immediate realities.

One of which is that you can find shapes in trees. The same way you look for shapes in clouds.

True, most of the times they look like disproportionately small heads with big hair deprived of styling gel.

Or like a statuesque beauty with an outrageous number of limbs.

Or they look like thin, mutilated warhorses.

Or they look prosperous and potbellied, blessed with a profusion of greenbacks.

This is probably the only instance when this last is the most handsome.

It’s pathetically outrageous that out of the several hundred trees I saw lined up by the roads today, few hundred of them provide sanctuary to very lethal yet dignified and industrious beehives.

All these fluttery feelings were topped off by exposure to an extremely suspect poem.

Oh and lastly, what happens when you get a haircut that leaves you with an accidental fringe, flick, (whatever it's called in stylist jargon) that resemble Scarlett O'Hara, pretty, flighty and damn inconvenient?

You turn up on prime time national television.

And you get to speak.

And then you subside into a mental puddle because of the sheer enormity of it.


jane said...


Rajeev R said...

surprised at how...you view simple things in a beautiful way....way to go gal....

Unleash your creativity....


Anandi said...

Jane- Thank you! Wow says it all doesn't it?

Rajeev- Thanks!

Polly said...

That was very interesting! Are you writing a book?

Anandi said...

Thanks Polly! You brightened my evening.
What made you think I'm writing a book? I hope to somedy, but it's pretty high on my list of things that are not getting accomplished right now.

Goodnight! (at least it is that in my part of the world)

Anonymous said...

Are you really 17 like it says on your profile? :|

Anandi said...

I'm going to turn 18 on 24th this month!

It's a relief to finaly be of legal age.

Keep visiting!

Ibanov, Sir Rekaf said...

Which poem? Which TV channel? Which show? What did you say? Please reveal!

Anandi said...

I'll put the poem up in the next post.
Show-We the People
It was about Rahul Gandhi and the 'youthful' MPs.

Ibanov, Sir Rekaf said...

Hehe I like the way you quote the 'youthful' :P

Anandi said...

Well, they left me no choice. Omar Abdullah, Rahul Gandhi, Milind Deora and Sachin Pilot might be able to hold their own, but the rest of the 'young' MPs are (at least so far) very suspect window dressing.

modern exile said...

Loved (whatever little I managed to read today in) your blog Anandi.. the underline rhyming, the refreshing phrasing, the choice of words...
Will be coming back undoubtedly.. Take care and keep all those 'butterflies' and 'thrilling thoughts' alive and kicking.

Anandi said...

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

And I'm afraid the Head Honcho Butterfly is busy recruiting. Hence, I'm suffering from an overload of thrilling thoughts right this minute.

Keep coming back!

Tathagata Ghosh said...

if "wow" says it all...then "wwwwooooooooowwwwwww"
to this blog.

happy birthday anandi...
as i have got an exam scheduled to be held on 24th...so decided to wish u today only...
not getting time to post new...u jst keep blogging the way u r doing now....
"mon die porashona koris...majhe majhe rabindranath poris.valo lagbe"----understand?
u r supposed to b a bengali...bt not appear so!

Anandi said...

Of course I understand Bengali!

Thanks a lot for the birthday wishes, it means a lot!

And yes, I intend to keep right on blogging!

Bhargav Saikia said...

Brilliant! You are a master of words, no doubt!

Anandi said...

Thanks Bhargav, I try to oblige!