Friday, July 17, 2009

For a balcony............

Size does matter.

Not so much in terms of circumference, but in terms of a body's damned length.

You see XY was an unobtrusively protective father. XX was an equally protective but rather more forthright mother. And xx, well, she was the vertically challenged daughter.

Had her length been more to talk about, she wouldn't have had developed a case of standing up on tip-toe and leaning over the balcony railings.

Now seven years ago, xx's family moved into a lovely apartment.

Very discreetly, xx was assigned the master bedroom with bay windows. xx was of course delighted.

What she later gleaned from XX's more vocal concerns was that she's been given that room because her DNA donors worried that she may not yet be over her 'leaning- over- railings- so- I can-have-a-good view-of the bald neighbour's -pate', they'd distanced her from the offensive projection. Not that xx would be able to see a bald pate from the seventh floor.

So size does matter, a few more inches between the toes and the neck and the given picture would be xx's view from her room.



Anonymous said...

Good enough reason to get the master bedroom I'd say.
Why do the clouds look more like waves?

Extranjera said...

Anandi, eloquent as always. And as always, I envy you.

Sayan said...

Nice picture, I relate to your vertical-whining I'm only 5" 8' myself. Nikon?

Anandi said...

Extranjera- Thank you! But please don't envy me. I check your blog for a new post everyday before I check mine! As far as being unpublishe dgoes, hand over rights to your blog to Harper Collins and you'll be rolling in money and adulation of course.

Sayan-Only 5'8, ONLY 5'8???? I'm just tall enough to go on all the rides in amusement parks. But that's about it.
AND it's not a Nikon. I don't even own a Nikon. It's the same Canon.

modern exile said...

I always took pleasure in the fact that many of the world's 'GREAT' were vertically challenged. But it is always only during some petty everyday movements that the size-worry come to fore:(
btw, the glimpse of your everday life was pretty pretty and colourful(last post)
take care

VibrantSoul said...

Loved this post :)
Did xx have to stand up on a ladder to take the photograph?? :P :P ;)
And you dare say anything about XY, she happens to be my favourite teacher :P

jane said...

ha ha! love this! happy weekend!

Anandi said...

Modern Exile- All good things come in small packages. Yes, it's a nice mantra to live by.

Abhinav- DID YOU NIT STUDY BIOLOGY? XY is the father not the mother. XX is the mother. I still remember, how can you not. And anyway, i wasn't critisizing either XY or XX. I was just lamenting about life's strange ironies.

Jane- Thank You. And you too!

an_empty_mind said...

Hi Anandi!
I will put across the other side of the story. I am 6ft and slightly more. I can't fit myself in the railway berth, crib on the low-cost airlines for less leg space, hit the roof of the bus while standing, always have hurting knees after more than two hours of sitting in a car, cant get shoes of my size in any store I walk into. I always wish i was shorter. As they say, the grass is always greener....
I love the way you write, you make the XX and the XY come alive. :)

Anonymous said...

I am with anemptymind ... Being of the taller variety I always wished I could be shorter - But then again being of the fatter variety I always wished I could be skinnier too ... Never bloody happy!!

Polly said...

Very good story :-) I agree with Ext, I envy you your imagination and writing style.

I'm sure views from your bay-windows are good too!

Anandi said...

An Empty Mind and Eternally Ddistracted- There's not much I can say in the face of such an argument, but honestly, someone else's misery in their predicament (which is opposite to ours) really doesn't lessen one's own chagrin at his/her misfortunes. But yes, know I do shudder when I think of being six feet tall!
Keep reading.

Polly- I only wish it were my imagination! The bay windows are great, I love them, but the reason for not getting the balcony is (or was) rather disturbing.


VibrantSoul said...

Yes Yes Yes. I profusely apologize for making the greatest mistake of my life. Biology is a weak-point for me.
And you still haven't answered my question. Did xx have to stand up on a ladder to take the picture?? :P

Anandi said...

Cut the dramatics. And no xx didn't have to stand on a ladder. I was refering to something that occured seven years ago. Now I clear all railings with a clear margin.
I almost fluncked Bio in my pre-boards. Ha ha ha !

Minko said...

First time I've been through your blog. Brilliant.:)

Sigh, I'm not one of the vertically-challenged ones who rule the world:(, I happened to be just over 6'..:(

Anandi said...

Oh well, take confort in the fact that Obama's tall even if Sarkozy isn't.

Keep reading!

Esther said...

Its my first visit.

Love it.

Keep posting!!

Anandi said...

Thank you, Esther!

Snobster said...

Congratulations huh :) Winner of creative writing competition (:
On second thoughts I lost it..boohoohoo,but I am sure,you just deserved it!


Anandi said...


(a) Thank you!
(b) Stop your boo hooing woman, it was the FRESHERS' competition, many more to come so keep your chin up.



Anandi said...


(a) Thank you!
(b) Stop your boo hooing woman, it was the FRESHERS' competition, many more to come so keep your chin up.