Friday, July 17, 2009

For a balcony............

Size does matter.

Not so much in terms of circumference, but in terms of a body's damned length.

You see XY was an unobtrusively protective father. XX was an equally protective but rather more forthright mother. And xx, well, she was the vertically challenged daughter.

Had her length been more to talk about, she wouldn't have had developed a case of standing up on tip-toe and leaning over the balcony railings.

Now seven years ago, xx's family moved into a lovely apartment.

Very discreetly, xx was assigned the master bedroom with bay windows. xx was of course delighted.

What she later gleaned from XX's more vocal concerns was that she's been given that room because her DNA donors worried that she may not yet be over her 'leaning- over- railings- so- I can-have-a-good view-of the bald neighbour's -pate', they'd distanced her from the offensive projection. Not that xx would be able to see a bald pate from the seventh floor.

So size does matter, a few more inches between the toes and the neck and the given picture would be xx's view from her room.