Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Dangling Conversation

Yes, we speak of things that matter, 
With words that must be said, 
"Can analysis be worthwhile?" 
"Is the theater really dead?" 
And how the room is softly faded 
And I only kiss your shadow, 
I cannot feel your hand, 
You're a stranger now unto me 
Lost in the dangling conversation. 
And the superficial sighs, 
In the borders of our lives.



still thinking !!! said...

A song that struck me on the face when I was faking ‘round my nascent jazz know-know lol.
Helped me to stay grounded. Torn me apart too
I mean I don’t know..umm ..Well, it does make me feel guilty once in a while too
Love however isn’t as polish and jazzy
Isn’t perfect, like those elegant poetry books at book fares
If one is asked to read out a poem of his ex lover in a poetry recital society and strike a note of conversation with her .haha
I know what Paul was thinking

(:P as if )Ignore the Crap

Anandi said...

Honestly, I only got the 'I know what Paul was thinking' part.
But the song just seemed to go with the picture. Although I had a different song stuck in my head when I took it.

still thinking !!! said...

I see the picture now.cant see it from office,they block it :P american office servers :P .I love it!
P.S :what song was in you mind?

Anandi said...

Dare I say it, Almost Grown by Chuck Berry!
The thing is, Central Park+The Plaza+ All those horses put me in a Home Alone: Lost in New York mood.

blinknmiss said...

You've been following my blog for some time now. I don't know who you are. But everybody who thinks of this song in Certain Moods must surely have something in common, whether they know it or not. And on that note, Hello.

Anandi said...

On that note, we may just give this dangling conversation some sort of fitting ending?

SANDIPAN said...

liked this

Anandi said...

I'm glad.

Megh said...

happens to be one of my favorite songs !

..superficial sighs
..the borders of our lives